Dance Hosts & Dancers


Progress will be painfully slow if you have no one with whom to practice your dance steps.   It is probably the biggest hurdle to
becoming a good dancer and probably caused many budding dancers to give up in exasperation.

You cannot improve just by watching others dance, no matter how good they are.  You need to actually dance so you can practice
your steps in order to improve. 

FREE  Matching  Service

I am not one to give up easily and have decided instead to set    up a  FREE  matching service to help myself and other ladies
struggling to improve their dancing skills.

I will try to engage a dance host to come to the Friday night
dances at Melbourne Ballroom when I have 3 ladies interested
as I will pick up the 4th half hour.   I will pick up a full hour if
I have only 2 ladies booked half a hour each for a particular Friday.  You can always book for an hour if desired.

Practice makes perfect.  The ideal situation would be to have
3 ladies who are committed to engage a dance host for half an
hour every Friday.  This way, we get to dance one out of every
4 dances with a dance host instead of sitting out half the dances because there are always so fewer guys than ladies around.

Calling  Dance  Hosts

Why not earn some easy money while enjoying yourself at the
Friday night dances at Melbourne Ballroom if you are a free
dance instructor or dance host or just someone who
can dance really well.

Let's work together to help one another.  Melbourne Ballroom
has dances every Friday night from  8 to 10 pm.   Both smooth
and latin dances are popular.

We can be very flexible to accommodate your preferences.  You
can choose to host for just an hour, hour and a half or the full
2-hour of the dance.

I will be the liaison person and be responsible to reimburse you.
All you need to do is show up and dance.