We were at Glacier Bay mid week of our cruise.  The next major stopover was Juneau, the capital of Alaska.  Its unique feature is that this capital city is basically accessible only by air or sea as it is a coastal city hemmed in by towering snow mountains.

Mendenhall  Glacier

We were surprised that it wasn't larger as it is a very well known glacier.  Its fame probably stems from its scenic setting.  You can also see clearly the rare blue ice on the glacier itself.

Glacial  Gardens

We almost gave up trying to find Glacial Gardens but were glad we didn't as it turned out to be quite a unique find - a very lush rain forest right smack in glacier country!

Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

We were very lucky to arrive at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery when we did because we saw a most interesting activity - strong muscular men struggling to catch salmon from the nursery tanks to release them into the wild !!!

Mendenhall  Falls

The large gushing waterfall to the side of Mendenhall Glacier adds tremendously to the scenic setting which is further enhanced by the icebergs floating around the base of the tidewater glacier.

Tom and Margaret posing against the scenic running brook waterfall and upside down hanging trees that the Glacial Gardens are world famous for.

We even spotted a crafty seal who hung around the release chute of the Hatchery waiting for his unwary prey as the salmon swam out from the hatchery out into the open waters.