Ballroom Dancing - Margaret

Ballroom dancing is one of the very best recreational activities there is.
It offers you a wonderful time enjoying yourself while keeping fit.  The bonus is that you get to do this in air-conditioned comfort unlike jogging.  You also get to network with others on a weekly basis to talk, eat and dance the evening away.  It costs very little to go to your local ballroom dance and is certainly a most enjoyable routine to get into.

My husband and I started a couple of years ago to take group lessons in Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances.  It was a lot of fun once you get over the initial hesitation of being on the dance floor.

The key is to focus just on enjoying yourself and not dwell on how poorly you may have executed a particular dance routine.  You are dancing because it makes you feel good.

It is easy to feel intimidated when you watch the pros dance.  DON'T  let that stop you from dancing.  Tell yourself it took them years and natural talent to achieve that level. 

You WILL improve your dancing if you just attend dances and get onto the dance floor to practice whatever routines you know.  Practice makes perfect.

Dancing is extremely beneficial to seniors.  It will give them a tremendous sense of well-being that is difficult to achieve from other activities.  Ladies in particular will feel a sense of renewed self-esteem and vigor that is very exhilarating.

There are many benefits of learning to dance including health, social and emotional benefits!

    • Staying fit
    • Relax
    • Have fun
    • Develop a sense of accomplishment
    • Meet new people
    • Have more grace and poise
    • Develop a sense of timing and rhythm
    • Increase your self-esteem
    • Become more popular
    • Stay slim