Hustle, Rumba & Samba

The below videos were unfortunately taken with a cheap travel camera instead of a dedicated camcorder.  The resolution leaves a lot to be desired as the camera was meant for still outdoor scenery photos and not indoor fast moving dance routines.


Hustle - Margaret & Spencer


                 Spencer was such a fantastic lead  -
                 I actually don't know how to dance
                 the Hustle


Rumba - Margaret & Spencer

                    Wish I could have danced
                    fancier steps for the Rumba


Samba - Margaret & Spencer

          I couldn't have engaged a better dance host  -
          Spencer was not only a fabulous dancer but
          he was very encouraging.   He wouldn't let
          me sit out dances I didn't know.   He offered
          to show me the basics there and then on the
          dance floor!!!