Business Videos

Stand  Out  from  Your  Competition

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  A high definition video must be worth ten thousand words in today's digital age
where there is a constant stream of stimulation competing for attention.  Fast going are the days when words alone can convey
your message.

To survive and thrive in today's world of the internet, YouTube, Facebook and an ever increasing array of social media, you need to
somehow get engaged to compete effectively.

Call or email Margaret if you would like to explore if it is viable for you to promote your products and/or services by having us
produce a product, service, or event promotional video for you.  We are a one-stop service and can assist with scripting the video
as well as hosting it on our website, if desired.

Product  Demo 

Nothing is more convincing to a sales
prospect than an actual demonstration.

You can really reduce your promotional
costs and greatly widen your potential
market by hosting a product demo video
highlighting the special features why
people should buy your products.

For  Rent  or  Sale  by  Owner

Host a video highlighting the very best
features of your house and surrounding
area to  greatly  widen the  reach  for potential buyers.

You can then promote offline via flyers
or a small  paper advertisement while
referring prospects to your video.

This very cost-effective approach will
enable you to level the playing field with
the professional RE agent and save you
a substantial commission.

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Service  Demo

Sometimes the only cost-effective way of
marketing your service is to host a video
demo showing your prospects exactly
how you can help them with their problem.

Words alone will not be enough - you need
your potential clients to see for themselves
how you can help them.


It used to be rather cumbersome to show
off your skills at a moment's notice if you   are a musician, singer, or dancer as you
require music setup.

Today, musicians, singers, dance hosts, or dance instructors, especially those who  freelance,  can easily promote themselves by hosting  a video showcasing their skills.    They could then readily and cost-effectively promote their services by linking their social media to the video. 
Event  Promotion

In today's highly competitive market, it is
quite a challenge to keep recurring events
fresh and able to draw new clients.

A very effective approach is to use videos
as a way to project the excitement and involvement that people would feel if they
were to attend.

Partners  for  Business  or  Leisure

You don't know know till you ask.  Many
of us are very hesitant to make the first
move when we need a partner for either
business or leisure.

Those who are seeking partners for either  business  or  leisure  could probably enhance their odds of finding the right person if they were to host a video   featuring their needs.