2019 Xmas Launch Party

Our home wasn't quite ready after 6 months of renovation but we had a very enjoyable Xmas Launch Party to kick off the New
Year for our Precious Video Moments Dance & Social Club.

Noel Karr, Leanne Johnson, Ilona Henessey and Maria Trieste had a great time dancing with PRO Dance Instructor, Wade
Branham and veteran dancer, Jim Malchisky.

Many thanks to Ilona & Wade for treating us to a delicious homemade Hungarian gulyas, a thick soup with beef, carrots and potatoes.  The soup tasted of spice and herbs and was really delicious.  Thanks also for the tasty apricot and nuts crispy rolls. 
We had quite a meal - salads, egg appetizers, chicken and spring rolls, Black Angus meatballs in spaghetti mushroom sauce
and cream puffs, eclairs and fresh fruits. 

Special thanks to Jim for dancing with all the ladies and also for treating us to a whole array of fresh fruits for dessert.

Apologies also to Leanne and Jim for not taking videos of their dances.   This was my very first dance party in our newly renovated home.   I promise to be a more attentive host next time around.  Have been taking mental notes on how to better
host the next get-together scheduled for January 22, 2019.

Tango - Margaret with Wade

This was my very first dance on my brand new floor.  Delighted
that there was plenty of space to dance Tango, one of my favorite dances.

Bolero - Noel with Wade

Noel dancing one of her favorite dances with Wade.  This is
the first time anyone other than Wade has been to our home. 
Wade said he didn't recognize the house!!

Foxtrot - Ilona with Wade

One of several dances that Ilona did with Wade during the
evening between eating, drinking and talking with the other
guests in the adjoining room.

Cha Cha - Maria with Wade

This is the first time Maria has danced with Wade.  Delighted
that she really enjoyed the evening dancing, eating and making new friends.