10 - October 2019

We had only one event this month due to a mix-up in scheduling for shared dance hosting.  We made up for it by having a fabulous evening on October 20, 2019 when Noel Karr and I each had a 30-minute private lesson with Wade Branham prior sharing dancing hosting with Leanne Johnson and Ilona Henessey.

Cha  Cha 

I always enjoy dancing Cha Cha with Wade as I love dancing the windmill.
Dancing spins is my forte ...

Nightclub  2-Step

Leanne loves dancing Nightclub 2-Step, especially with Wade ...


Noel dancing Swing with Wade towards the 2nd half of the evening.


Noel danced up a storm with Wade during her private lesson - Swing, Waltz & Hustle ...

Viennesse  Waltz

I probably would have danced better if it had been earlier in the evening 
instead of towards the end of the dance ...


Margaret dancing Quickstep with Wade during her 30-minute private lesson.