06 - June 2019

We were busy and didn't schedule any lesson for Tom.  I also had to suddenly cancel my monthly lesson with Wade Branham at the Moose Lodge due to a really bad storm.  Wade very graciously came later on that night to dance host me instead.  Featured below are a couple of videos from June 23rd.

One of the regulars, Loren Weller, joined me the next Sunday on June 30, 2019 for shared dance hosting.  We both had a great time dancing in turn with Wade Branham some of our favorite dances.


Tango is one of my favorite smooth dances.  It was a pleasure to dance Tango with Wade as I love dancing the various fan variations ...


Loren having a great time dancing Hustle with Wade Branham.  Looking forward to share future dance hosting sessions with her because it will motivate me to improve my skills!

Cha Cha 

I really had a blast dancing Cha Cha with Wade on June 23rd.  Cha Cha is one of my favorite Latin dances.


This was the first time I had really watched Loren dance ... She was very good indeed ... Mmm ... maybe I should add to my repertoire learn Salsa 
next ...


This was only the 3rd time Wade has dance hosted me but I can feel that I have improved.  Dancing with a PRO makes all the difference if you are striving to sharpen your prowess on the dance floor !


I have danced Bolero with Wade only a couple of times before and it showed in the hesitancy of some of my steps.