Gift Cards - Private Lessons & Hosted Dances

Are you looking for a Xmas present, a Valentine gift, an Anniversary or Birthday present for family, colleagues and friends?  Perhaps you are just 
looking for something to pamper yourself?  Why not give something UNIQUE which will bring back wonderful memories because it is experiential 
and immortalized to be shared with loved ones, near and far, now and forever via a Facebook timeline posting !!!


            Gentlemen, you can't go wrong with buying your wife or lady friend a Gift Card for 
            either $50 ( private lesson ) or $25 ( 6 hosted dances ) because ladies love dancing 
            with a professional Dance Instructor !!!  As her dance partner, you get in  F R E E .

            Ladies, nothing says you can't buy your husband or gentleman friend a private lesson 
            for the two of you to learn together !!!   Cost for the lesson is only  $50  ( Single or 
            Couple ).   Feel free to stay on after your private lesson and continue to practice what 
            you just learned during the Practice Session that follows.

            Cost for the private lesson is $50 per half hour regardless of whether it is for one person 
            (man or woman) or couple.   

            Cost for 15-minute Practice Sessions is $25 and entitles the lady to  6  dances of her 
            choice with the PRO Dance Instructor.  Bring along your partner ( free ) to dance with 
            you while waiting your turn to dance with the instructor.


Gift Cards are available for both the $50 private lessons as well as the $25 practice sessions ( hosted dances ) and are valid till end of November 2019.
Please call   (321) 328-0805  for any additional information and to reserve the date and time slot desired.

Additional dates and times can be scheduled as needed.   Latin dances
for friends can be hosted at my home studio at almost any time, if desired. 
Smooth dances however need the much larger dance floor ( 38' X 25' ) 
at Viera Regional Community Center which may not be available at short notice. 
Gift  Cards Options

$50  -  30-minute  Private  Lesson ( single or couple )

Two  30-minute  Private Lessons  by  Wade Branham, a professional Dance Instructor are available from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.   Wade teaches both men 
and women.

Complimentary minute-long video will be posted on FB timeline unless
instructed otherwise by client.

$25 - 15-minute  6  Dances of your Choice

Four 15-minute time slots available from 8:00 - 9:00 pm.  Wade will dance with the ladies in turn  6  dances of their choice.

Complimentary  30-second video snippet will be posted on FB timeline
unless client declines.  Should let Margaret know which dance to video.