Shared Private Lessons

My husband and I are social dancers.  I would like to really improve my dancing skills without spending a fortune but find that it is an almost impossible task to achieve the way private lessons are offered by the established ballrooms.

I have decided to finally do something about it. I am looking to get together an exclusive group of like-minded ladies to see how we can help each other secure private lessons from the professional Dance Instructors on a more sustainable basis.


Professional Dance Instructors charge $100 an hour. I am trying to split 
the hour with another lady so I can have a half hour lesson every week 
without breaking my bank account.

The half hour is exclusively yours - You can learn whatever dance you want, do it alone or with a partner.  You can opt to do it weekly and enjoy 
a 10% discount if you pay upfront ( $180 - $45 for each 4 half-hour 
lessons ) or once every other week and pay $50 each time.


You, alone or with your partner, gets a 30-minute Private Lesson plus  
6  dances of your choice with your Instructor for just $45.  It is the BEST VALUE package for any lady wishing to really improve her dancing 
prowess quickly and cost-effectively !!!

You will need to prepay $450 for 10 combo sessions to be held every 
other Wednesday evening in order to enjoy being danced hosted for 
FREE during the Practice Parties that follow your Private Lessons.   Any
refund requested for unused combo sessions will be net of costs ( $25 
for each Practice Party ) incurred for being danced hosted.

The above combo deal is not available elsewhere and possible only because the private lessons and practice parties that follow are hosted 
at my place and I am just looking to share cost of hiring the PRO Dance Instructor !!!


I am retired so sharing private lessons with me can be done at any time
the Dance Instructor is available.  I have initially scheduled them for Wednesdays between 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  

In keeping with my endeavor to have a Dance Social Club, please feel free 
to join in the pre-lesson Potluck Dinner and post-lesson Practice Dance.

                      6:00 pm - 7:00 pm    Potluck Dinner

                      7:00 pm - 8:00 pm    Two  30-minute Private Lessons

                      8:00 pm - 9:00 om    Practice Dance

Below is a video of my husband, Tom and me, in our old home dance studio, practicing a Rumba routine we had just learned from Primo Garcia in a group class when we first started dancing.   

We just renovated our place and took the opportunity to pull out the whole rear of our house to build ourselves a "ballroom" ... 31' long by 11' wide with a 12' floor to ceiling wall mirror and a chandelier.   Adjacent to it on  one side is the sitting area with a wet bar and food counter and a bathroom on the other side.  The ballroom opens into a 30' X 9' open rear screen porch for those wanting a break from dancing.

What our ballroom lacks in size it makes up in other ways ... You get to have potluck dinner, choice of couple tables at the corners of the dance floor itself or in the sitting area at 2 small group tables for socializing, control of lighting and sound volume of music.  You will no longer have
dark videos where you can barely be seen !!

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and will be restricting attendance
to a dozen people as our driveway can only park 4 cars and another 4 cars can park on the curbside in front of the house.  We live in the Six Mile Creek sub-division in Viera, just 2 miles north of Brevard Zoo off Murrell Road.

Dance Instructors

I have danced socially with many professional Dance Instructors including among others, Lance Sexton, Primo Garcia, Barry Johnson, RJ Crandall, Wade Branham and Brian Oakes.  

If you are not planning to showcase or compete in the near term, Wade is probably the best Dance Instructor for you as you will enjoy taking lessons or dancing 
with him without 
being unduly stressed.

If you are relatively
new to dancing, or
want to really enjoy
learning how to dance
socially and have fun,
Barry is the dance instructor for you.

I haven't taken any lessons from Brian yet but hope to do so as I can tell by watching him on the floor and dancing with him that he would be great for those wanting to dance better than just socially.

Lance is without 
question the Dance 
Instructor you want if 
you intend to compete 
and WIN as many of his private students have done that consistently over the years.

I could approach any of them to be dance instructors for private lessons depending on their availability.  Lance and Primo are probably the instructors who would be the hardest to schedule.   I would also be happy
to consider other instructors of your choice.

Dozens of videos featuring both Ballroom and Latin dances are hosted.  
Just scroll down the menu on your left and click on whichever dance instructors, ballrooms, showcases and competitions you feel like 
checking out.