Travel Club

My husband, Tom and I used to travel but are now rather jaded about jetting around much by ourselves these days.  Company of like-minded people 
while on the road is our new focus so the vacation is more than just about sightseeing.

3 to 5 Days Driving Trips

I love traveling, more so than Tom.   Tom is the Driver but I am the Travel
Planner.   I have planned driving tours of varying duration.

I am trying to slowly over time get together a small group of people who 
are interested in short trips of 3 to 5 days duration just to break the
routine of retirement and without breaking the bank.

Guesstimate of cost to cover transport and accommodation is $100 per 
day each on twin-sharing basis.  Meals will be on own account though 
we will arrange group seating. 

Single supplement applies to those not sharing room. Drivers receive a $100 rebate and will be paid an additional $100 per passenger they drive round-trip.

Longer-Duration  Trips

Anyone who would like to venture afar but prefers the security of being
with a small exclusive group or perhaps just Tom & me is welcome to
discuss with us her or his travel plans.

We will tell you upfront if we are interested to explore possibilities or if
you should approach a regular travel agent because we have no desire
to visit whichever place you are interested in.
Trips  We  Have  Done

I had planned and Tom had driven many driving trips, both here in the
States as well as in Canada and New Zealand !!  

I have hosted a detailed travelogue of some of our trips.  Just click on whichever country interest you and take a virtual trip with us.

            *   California, Alberta & Singapore  ( 2 months )

            *   Alaska  ( 2 weeks - expensive )

            *   Coast  to  Coast  Driving  Tour   ( 6 weeks )

            *   New  Zealand  ( 3 months - incomplete posting )

Tentative  Trips

We would schedule these mini vacations around the anniversaries or birthdays of members. I am proposing the following 3 mini trips for discussion : -

      1)  4 Nights 5 Days ( end May early June, 2020 ) - Nashville

      2)  4 Nights 5 Days ( Fall, 2020 ) - Blue Mountains Ridge for Fall Colors

      3)  6 Nights 7 Days ( mid-year, 2020 ) - Niagara Falls (Canadian Side)