USA Dance - Free Mall Ball

I promoted USA Dance Chapter 6003's inaugural annual Mall Ball to friends of mine and at least 3 of them attended.  They also enthusiastically 
supported the Precious-Video-Moments Dance & Social Club that I just launched.  We look forward to attend future dance and social events as a 
group rather than individually as it is a lot more fun.

I will host below videos of the best routines for your enjoyment and also a couple of Open Dancing dances by spectators attending the event.

Salsa - Salsa Heat

Really hot & spicy routine by 5 talented couples ... it definitely ups the 
ante on how salsa should be danced !!!

Bolero - Barry & Kristan Johnson

Barry & Kristan kicked off the event with a lovely Bolero routine ... loved
the dips !!!

Cha Cha - Open Dancing

Will never forget about USA Dance's 1st inaugural annual Mall Ball 
because to my surprise, my husband, Tom, actually danced in public
outside of the ballrooms !!!

Lindy Hop - Julian Reyes & Lettie Andrade

Easily one of the most energetic performances of the event ... the crowd
was suitably impressed.

Waltz - Eileen & Don Wilson

It was both an audio as well as visual treat ... haunting music as well as
gorgeous lines of a beautiful Waltz !!!

Rumba - Open Dancing 

The afternoon started off great for me ... Wade Braham, a dance instructor,
asked me to dance Rumba with him during the very first open dancing !!

WCS - Dakota Anderson & Michelle Eskew

A very entertaining WCS incorporating some very interesting moves
which had the crowd cheering !!!

Waltz - James Malchisky & Tara Langhorne 

James Malchisky & Tara Langhorne, April Balmer & Hans Huseby and 
Lynn Coppola & Noah Wolkenstein danced the first Waltz performance
of the event.

WCS - Jae Miley & Bob Kane

An interesting performance which wowed the spectators towards the 
close of the event.

Bolero - Open Dancing

Thrilled that Tom & I had the opportunity to dance the Open Cross Body
Lead with Syncopated Turns though I wish I had done it more gracefully ...