Senior-Related Issues

Being  60  &  Over

Life certainly isn't over just because you become a senior.  Age for the majority of folks is a mental state of mind.  It is also a fallacy  that you need to be rich in order to retire well.  Many people with money are either in poor health or retire too exhausted to enjoy     their golden years.  Make yourselves a promise to live your lives fully to the last possible moment.

         Cultivating A Positive Attitude       

         Regardless of whether you are a young senior just past
55 or a  more mature one, it is imperative that we are
         proactive if we want our retirement to be enjoyable.
         Our primary focus must be our health and safety, followed
         closely by how we can stay connected intellectually as
         well as emotionally with one another.
         All seniors share common concerns as well  as gender-
         specific issues.  Focus also shifts depending on whether
         you live alone or are a couple, have children living nearby 
         or are childless.
         My objective is to help seniors of different backgrounds
         and interests connect with each other to mutually enrich
         their lives.

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         you.  Email  us your suggestions on topics of interest           
         to you.



     Living Alone

        Many people and not only seniors are at home alone when
        other family members are at work or play.
  There are  many
        monitoring services available which offer both the seniors 
        and their loved ones peace of mind that help is only a click

        Seniors who have subscribed to these senior alert systems   
        as well as others who are considering them are welcomed
        to submit their comments so others can learn from their