Ballroom Dancer - James Malchisky

Featured below are milestones from James Malchisky's journey into the world of ballroom dancing.  It takes a lot of time, effort and money to train for showcases and competitions.

Jim wants to share his endeavors on the dance floor with his family and friends, near and far and hope that it encourages more dancers to share their routines as well.  Check back periodically for video updates.

Dancin'  Dance  Spring  Showcase - 2018

Jim danced a  Waltz  solo routine and half a dozen other dances with  Heidi 


Jim dancing a Waltz solo routine with Heidi Arnold,  owner of Dancin' Dance Studio at the Hilton Rialto on May 20, 2018


Below is a video of Jim dancing Bolero with Heidi at the showcase last Sunday afternoon.


Arnold, owner of Dancin' Dance Studio at Hilton Rialto on May 20, 2018.


Jim Malchisky dancing a cool Bachata number with his dance instructor, Heidi Arnold 

Nightclub  2-Step

Jim participating in the Nightclub 2-step dance heat with Heidi during the 2nd half of the showcase.