Home & Hospitality Exchanges

Traveling  as  Retirees

We stay young in both body and mind if we stay  involved   and  stimulated.  Travel is one of the  best  experiences that  retirees        should indulge in whenever they can.
These are however increasingly uncertain times even for those who are presently economically comfortable.   I am sure that       seniors would travel a lot more and have a lot more fun doing so if they were to either pool resources or be creative with regards        to their lodging while on the road.

Home  Exchanges

Tom and I have done home exchanges both simultaneously as well as non-simultaneously as we love traveling.   Swapping
homes is a great way to extend your travel budget and enable
you to really go on long vacations.

Our  Home
We live in a single family house opposite a landscaped recreational lake with a fountain.  It is gorgeous in winter as
Florida is the best state to escape the bitter cold of the northern states and Canada. 

We have a split plan design offering great privacy.  We have a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom on one side and 2 other bedrooms with
a full bath on the other side of the house.

Ours is unfortunately a smoke-free and pet-free home.  It is
also not suitable for young children as we have an rather expensive floor to ceiling wall mirror on one side of our dining room.
Our house is in a superb location.   It is opposite a fair size landscaped recreational lake with a fountain which is lit at

Hospitality  Exchanges

Hospitality exchange is our preferred option where folks simply
host one another as this avoids the need to coordinate travel
dates as in the case of a home exchange.

Covenant-Restricted  Neighborhood

The houses in our area are generally well maintained and no
RVs, boats or tool sheds are allowed by the covenants.

We are about 10 minutes from a huge shopping complex
with restaurants and a 16-screen cinema.  A 24-hour Super
Walmart and Walgreens are 10 minutes in another direction.

We live in Viera, one of the premier areas in Brevard county.
We are about  55 miles southeast of Orlando and about 20
minutes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite being so close to all amenities, we are quite secluded
and it is not uncommon to see cranes on our front lawn or
swans swimming in the lake in front of the house.