Amazing Personalized Gifts

Awesome  Gifts  that  Last  FOREVER

Nothing shows more caring than a gift that is personalized rather than just bought off the shelf.  The more time and effort it takes to make the gift, the more appreciated it will be by the recipient.

The next time you are invited to a wedding, give a  wedding  gift  that will be  TREASURED !!!  Get in touch with us to set up a  Wedding  Page  for the happy couple to enable them to share their wedding with family and friends, near and far, now and  FOREVER  by hosting on our video website, the slideshows compiled from photos or videos and linking through to their Facebook page for immediate distribution.

Calling Spouses Everywhere

There is no Valentine gift that will touch your spouse more than setting up a Wedding Page to relive possibly the most special day of your lives.   No woman feels as beautiful as they do on their wedding day all dressed in bridal wear.  The groom probably looks his best too.  It is a gift not just to your spouse alone because it can be easily be shared with your families and friends, as desired.

Showing  the  Milestones  in  Your  Loved  Ones'  Lives

Everyone wants to be remembered for as long as possible by family and friends,  near and far.

Today, we live in a world where you can immortalize yourself or your loved ones by setting up a webpage that showcases their precious milestones in life. 

    Uniqueness  of  Your  Gift

               Happy  Anniversary,  Darling

                    I remember the day we said " I DO " 

                    as though it was just yesterday

                                               Love & Kisses

Remember to give from your heart the next time a birthday or anniversary comes up.  Surprise your loved ones with a Biographical Webpage that showcases their precious moments and they will never forget your gift!!!

Margaret conducting " How to Use Financial Techniques in Sales & Marketing " workshop for top executives at an international conference at the Carlton Hotelin Singapore on September 13, 1989


      Margaret speaking at a Forum

      on The Companies (Amendment)

      Act at the Mandarin Hotel in

      Singapore in 1984

Pricing - Photos

Cost of set-up for a simple webpage is $30 inclusive of half a dozen images provided by you.  Cost for uploading the next 6 photos would be $3 each and only $2 for the next half dozen.   We would be happy to include at no additional cost a complimentary video slideshow complete with transitions and music for any order valued at $60 ( web page with 18 photos uploaded )

Pricing - Slideshows & Videos

It would be viable to create a slideshow with transitions and music if you have at least a dozen photos.  Cost would be the same as for photos except that any photo beyond the initial 18 images ($60) would be charged at only $1 each.

Pricing - Photography / Video  Services

We can also provide photography and video services.   Feel free to click on the links below and check out videos of dance showcases and travel videos we are hosting on our website.   Also hosted is our wedding - Please remember that the slideshows are created from photos taken almost 2 decades ago, long before digital photography was invented.

Contact  Us  NOW

All is not lost if you don't have videos of your precious moments.  We can upload your photos onto your web page as a video slideshow complete with transitions and background music.  

We will also give you a dozen of our attractive business cards shown below so your loved ones can conveniently share your unique gift with their family, colleagues and friends.  All they need do is tell them to go to and click on their name in the website menu.

We would be happy to assist you with your efforts.  Please call Margaret at (321) 328-0805 or email her at to let her know if you wish to set up an autobiographical page for yourself or a biographical web page as a gift for loved ones for a specific event like a wedding, dance showcase or even a special trip.