10 - October 2019

We had only one event this month due to a mix-up in scheduling for shared dance hosting.  We made up for it by having a fabulous evening on October 20, 2019 when Noel Karr and I each had a 30-minute private lesson with Wade Branham prior sharing dancing hosting with Leanne Johnson and Ilona Henessey.

Cha  Cha 

I always enjoy dancing Cha Cha with Wade as I love dancing the windmill.

Dancing spins is my forte ...


Noel danced up a storm with Wade during her private lesson - Swing, Waltz & Hustle ...

Nightclub  2-Step

Leanne loves dancing Nightclub 2-Step, especially with Wade ...

Viennesse  Waltz

I probably would have danced better if it had been earlier in the evening 

instead of towards the end of the dance ...


Noel dancing Swing with Wade towards the 2nd half of the evening.


Margaret dancing Quickstep with Wade during her 30-minute private lesson.