0002 - Salsa with Gary

Decided to learn how to dance Salsa and had my first lesson in November 2020 followed by a 2nd lesson in early December.  The first time I really danced Salsa was at my 2020 Xmas Party.

Posted below are my videos from my 2 Salsa lessons and subsequent dances at my monthly hosted parties.

February 20, 2021- Ruendo, Tandem & Open Box

Danced  Ruendo, Tandem, Crossbody Swivels, open box and Cuddle Run.

April 8, 2021 - Sambero & Pretzel

Danced Cuddle Run, Waist Spins among other steps and also Sambero and Pretzel.

December 2020 - Waist Spins & Pretzel

Learning how to dance waist spins and other complex steps

like Pretzel ...

December 18, 2020 - Xmas Party

November 2020 - Tandem & Salsa Wrap

Learning how to dance Tandem, Cuddle Run and Salsa Wrap

among others ...