FREE Video Snippet FB Posts

Tom and I are have taken hundreds of dance videos at dances, showcases, competitions, as well as performances.  Many of these are hosted on our 

video website so their family & friends, near & far, can share in their accomplishments at their convenience. 

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth ten thousand.  

Who would prefer a photo over a video? Dancing is all about  MOVEMENT !!!

Dance Videos

You probably have relatively few videos because you can't be taking a video of yourself while dancing!!  It needs to be pre-arranged. 

Another deterrent is that the i-phone does not take good videos in dim light.  Unfortunately, most ballrooms appear to love dim lights.  

Yet another major deterrent is that often the floor is crowded making it difficult to video you dancing.

The floor is  exclusively  yours  during  your  private  lesson  

thus ensuring that any video taken will show just you and your Dance 


FREE Video Snippets

I will be in attendance and will video a minute-long snippet of you dancing with the Dance Instructor during your private lessons or a 30-second snippet of you being hosted at our practice parties.  

We will post the video snippet onto your  Facebook  timeline  as our 

thank you  for your support.

Hosting of Complete Routines

A   complete routine  averages 2 minutes long.  Cost is  $15  to cover time and editing services as necessary if you want to post the full routine onto your Facebook timeline.

You determine the dance (music), lighting and whether or not you wish 

to have a video snippet taken and posted onto your Facebook timeline.

Videos taken of you dancing during our practice parties will probably 

show either just you and your dance instructor or perhaps one other

couple as attendance is limited to just  4  to  6  people to ensure plenty

of floor space to really dance.

Hosting  on  Precious-Video-Moments  Website

We can also host your routine on our Precious-Video-Moments video website, if desired. 

Cost is $30 to set up your own  Personal  Webpage  inclusive of hosting the first video and only  $15  for subsequent videos. 

Prices reflect a  50%  discount from showcase videos.

Videos of Dance Outings, Karaoke Parties, Life Enrichment workshops, trips or any other club activities can also be hosted, if desired.