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Help  Us  to  Help   YOU   Build  Your  Home-Based  Business

Your success is our success.  We back up our words with action.  We offer a  FREE  initial phone consultation to anyone interested in starting a new business or setting up an online presence for their products and services.

Many small or home-based businesses cannot afford the services of a professional consultant.    I am a young retiree and a highly qualified professional  ( MBA, FCIS ) who is seeking potential consulting clients.   This is your opportunity to enjoy professional consultancy services   at a huge discount.

Cost  Effective  Marketing

The most important task of running a business is  PROMOTING  your products and services.   Every day, more and more people are going online to shop.

Don't  you  think  it  is  time  to  get  online  to  keep  up  with  your competition  as well as  win  prospects  for  your business.   

Let's band together and get more value for our marketing dollars by promoting as a group.   Why  not  let us  host  a  webpage  for you similar to what you see when you click on the link below? 

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It is critical to realize that selling online takes a lot more than merely  setting up a website.  Internet marketing is a whole industry unto itself.  It is simply not cost effective for everyone to try selling online by themselves, reinventing the wheel.

You should instead focus on doing what only you can do to run your business and let someone else handle online marketing.  The most cost-effective way of doing this is to engage in joint marketing.

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Cut  Costs  by  Joining  Marketing  Cooperative

Advertising in the newspapers is very expensive because your advertisement appears for just a day or two.  You are unable to fully describe your products and services because it just costs so much.

When you  join our  LivingSMARTER  Marketing  Cooperative,  you get a full webpage to describe your products and services.

The concept is similar to being in a mall versus being a stand alone store.  Stores in a mall are far better placed to capture traffic from cross-selling to clients and prospects of one another than a lone ranger store.

The idea is to have members host their products and services on the cooperative and cross-promote one another very cost-effectively by simply handing out their name cards to clients and prospects.   

You make name cards with the following website url


to give to your clients and prospects.   You can promote  so  much  more  cost  effectively  via a  webpage  than print advertising. 

Your clients and prospects will see pictures and descriptions of your products and services when they check  out the webpage address on your name cards. 

Many of them will click the link at the bottom of your webpage after they are done reading about your offers and that will automatically bring them to this LivingSMARTER  Marketing  Cooperative homepage which will list links  to members webpages.

Products and services offered should preferably be readily viewed as helping folks live either smarter or safer as LivingSMARTER is the name of our Marketing Cooperative and will be promoted online as such.   This will make it easier to induce prospects who visit to become paying customers as they will already be predisposed towards such products or services.

Free  Initial  Phone  Consultation

Please  feel  free  to  call  me at  your  convenience  for  your   complimentary   phone consultation.    I will be happy to answer any questions you have.