04 - April 2019

I had a wonderful lesson with Wade Branham on April 28, 2019.  It was great having the huge floor to ourselves, especially for Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Samba and Tango !!!


Ended the lesson with Tango,  a favorite dance of mine - I love both the music as well as the fan variations.  It's exhilarating to dance Tango with a PRO !!!


Samba is one of those dances I don't dance well.  It is a dance I intend to learn as it looks great when done by someone who knows how to do it right !

Looks like it will be several lessons before I can dance Samba correctly.

Viennese Waltz

I can dance it socially but am not quite dancing it correctly.  It gets increasingly difficult to maintain frame as the tempo speeds up and the longer you are dancing.


Had difficulty completing the routine as I wasn't able to dance the Reverse Spin correctly.  It will probably take at least a couple more lessons before I am able to dance the routine.


Chip  and  Mary  were  unable to  attend the lesson at our home on April 24, 

Cha Cha, Rumba & Tango

Wade reviewed the Cha Cha windmill with Tom and he and I danced the steps a couple of times under Wade's watchful eyes.  

I then asked Wade to teach us how to dance the Sweetheart with spin.  Tom and I tried it rather tentatively and need to practice how to dance it correctly.

2019 so Tom and I had the hour to ourselves


I took the opportunity to practice how to dance the Reverse Spins in Quickstep.  Wade had shown it to me last month but I still couldn't dance it correctly.  Afraid it's going to require more floor time !

Wade also demonstrated to Tom how to correctly dance the Rumba rotating box and rocking steps.

The highlight of the lesson for Tom was learning how to dance the Right Hand Fans in Tango.