Margaret & Tom Hicks

2016  New  Year  Eve's  Party

We got 2017 off to a great start by partying at Melbourne Ballroom - Barry taught an interesting Foxtrot routine before everyone started to get into the swing of eating, drinking and dancing the night away while waiting for the countdown ... 

Below are a couple of videos taken by  Tom  ( Viennese Waltz,  Quickstep  &  Nightclub 2-Step )  as well as a picture of us taken by Kristan.

                 Margaret with Barry Johnson, Susan Hancock with Clarence

                 Woodley, Chris Marcelle with Larry, Harriet Heuser and others

                 dancing Viennese Waltz


                 Margaret with  RJ  Crandall, Susan Hancock with Clarence

                 Woodley, Angie & Keith Olds, Chris Marcelle with Larry,

                 Harriet and others dancing Quickstep

                  Margaret with Dale, Julie & Lynn Mallak, Angie & Keith Olds

                  and others dancing Nightclub 2-Step.