Ramiz Kadjar & Natalya Ogirya

Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya are masters at Argentine Tango.  They are from Orlando but come to Melbourne to conduct a group class at Beachside Ballroom on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 8.15 pm.  They also host a milonga on the 3rd Sunday at Lamplighter Village with a pre-milonga group class at 5.00 pm.  Private and semi-private lessons are available before the group classes.  Call or text Ramiz at  (814) 746-8819  for details.

A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth ten thousand !  Just watch how this fabulous couple dance Argentine Tango - how the two of them float across the dance floor as one in perfect time to the music ... Poetry in motion ... 

Ramiz and Natalya always put on a demo at the close of their group classes to illustrate how the steps they had just taught could be incorporated into a dance routine.  I will post their routines here for your viewing pleasure.  Click here to watch half a dozen other dance demos of theirs.

Argentine  Tango  ( Paradas, Sacadas, Colgadas & Ganchos )

Tango  Vals  ( Giros, Sacadas, Leg Wraps & Colgadas )

Argentine  Tango

Argentine  Tango  (  Double Sacadas into Ocho )

Tango  Vals ( Double Sacadas etc )

Tango  Vals  

Tango  Vals  ( Ochos  into  Spiral  Boleo )

Tango  Vals  (  Side  Ocho  with  Flick )

Argentine  Tango  ( Sacada  Variations )

Argentine  Tango  ( Back Ochos & Paradas )