Karaoke Parties

I have always wanted to do karaoke but am rather apprehensive to do so in public. Karaoke bars are somehow just not my cup of tea.

Karaoke Discs 

Looking for a few people like myself to enjoy singing karaoke in the 

privacy of my home.  I have from Asia a few karaoke discs which feature ballroom dancing as a backdrop to the lyrics of the songs being played.

Our ballroom can comfortably accommodate a dozen people.  The 

Karaoke machine is set up with 2 mikes so you can opt to either sing 

solos or duets. 

Just let the others know before you start singing if you would like them 

to sing along with you.

Gratis for Non-Participants 

Ladies are encouraged to bring along their partners and they can hang

out with my husband, Tom in our Media Room to shoot the breeze or 

watch TV etc if they don't want to sing karaoke.

We can have a Karaoke party any time there are at least  4  people participating.   The hour-long session will be extended 15 minutes for 

every additional guest singing.

Cost is $15 each though non-participating guests are gratis provided 

they come in the same car as the Karaoke guest because parking is 


FREE  Video  Snippet  FB  Post

We will be happy to post a video snippet of you singing your heart out to your Facebook timeline to share with family & friends, near & far, as our

thank you for your support.  It is always fun to share what you enjoy.


You are welcome to bring, if desired, wine or snacks to share.   We will also be happy to have folks come and share a pot-luck BYOB lunch or dinner social either before or after the Karaoke session.   Bring along your friends to share in the merry-making.  Folks can opt to have their meal at the small tables in the kitchenette facing the ballroom or hang out in the adjoining open rear porch.  

Feel free to call Margaret at (321) 328-0805 for more information or email margaret@precious-video-moments.com with the words "Karaoke Parties" 

in the subject line to register your interest.  

Please indicate a couple of dates and times in order of preference to assist us coordinate the session.