Tom's Private Lessons

Tom and I started taking group lessons several years ago.  I was always more passionate about dancing than Tom and I was also blessed with a great

memory which helped tremendously in learning routines.

Tom is a wonderful husband and very supportive of my desire to improve my dancing skills from the onset.  Unlike him, I had the benefit of a couple of

private lessons with Primo Garcia and several private lessons with Lance Sexton and Mark Arnott (Orlando) when Mark first started out.  

More importantly, I had the GREAT luck to cross paths with Tung Duong (Orlando).  Tung is a fabulous lead and I have and continue to improve because of the occasional opportunity to dance with him.

Tom also had the misfortune of being laid up for a full year due to his surgery for a replacement hip tendon.  He has now fully recovered and back on

the dance floor with me.   Tom finally decided that it was time to get serious about improving our dancing as a couple. The only sure way of doing this

is for Tom to have private lessons.

We took the plunge and on November 15, 2018, Tom had his very first private lesson in our home studio from Wade Branham, a professional dance

instructor who recently moved here from up north.  Tom was very pleased with Wade's Cha Cha lesson on how to dance the windmill  and rotating 

sweethearts.  The 2nd lesson was Swing and Wade taught a difficult routine involving the Lindy with the hand change behind the back !!!  He 

learned this routine on December 18, 2018 just prior to our Xmas Party and isn't ready for the camera yet !!!

Swing - December 18, 2018

Wade Branham demonstrating with Margaret how to dance the Lindy routine with Hand Change behind Back in Swing.

Swing - Lindy with Hand Change behind Back

This is a difficult routine to learn and we are both struggling to dance

it together.  We will need to keep practicing if we are to succeed.  Hope

we are video-ready by next weekend. 

Cha Cha - Windmill & Rotating Sweethearts

Tom had no trouble learning from Wade how to dance the windmill and 

rotating sweethearts.  We just need to practice some more to smooth out

the routine.

Cha Cha - November 15, 2018

Wade Branham demonstrating with Margaret how to dance the windmill from spot turn and also the rotating sweethearts in Cha Cha