Argentine Tango

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                                                                                                      Argentine Tango - 2018

Argentine  Tango

Ramiz taught us how to dance the Ocho Cortado from the Giro at the group lesson on December 6, 2017.   At the close of the class, he quizzed us on our ability to recognize the different rhythms for Tango vs Vals vs Milonga.  It wasn't easy and I was quite lost.  The evening picked up for me when I finally danced with Ramiz during the practica and practiced my Side Sacada, Paradas, Calecita, Leg Wrap and Gancho !!


Tango  Vals  ( Leg Wrap, Double Sacadas, Paradas & Calecitas )

It had been almost 3 months since I last danced with Ramiz Kadjar due to the disruption caused by Hurricane Irma and Tom's hip operation.  I finally went to the group lesson on November 15, 2017 at Beachside Ballroom.  Ramiz taught the Double Sacadas and I even got to dance the step with him during the practica that followed.


Tango  Vals  ( Calecita, Sandwich & Leg Wrap )

The highlight of any milonga is the chance to dance with the instructor, Ramiz Kadjar.  He taught us the Ocho Cortado but as a bonus at the close of class, he demonstrated the molinete.  Below is the 2nd dance in the tanda I danced with him towards the end of the milonga on August 20, 2017.

Argentine  Tango

It pays to be a private student.  You can actually feel your improvement over a short time and does wonders for your self-confidence.  I was thrilled when the instructor, Ramiz Kadjar asked me to dance early in the practica following the group class.

Argentine  Tango

I had danced Argentine Tango only at the monthly milongas at Lamplighter Village.  This was the first time I danced it with Tung Duong at the Melbourne Ballroom on July 28, 2017.   I hope that I get to dance Argentine Tango with Tung again.

Milonga  &  Tango  Vals  ( Calecita )

The Argentine Tango instructor, Ramiz Kadjar finally got around towards the close of the milonga I attended on July 16, 2017 to dance Milonga and Tango Vals with me.  I arranged with Ramiz to give me a half hour private lesson just prior to his group class on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

Argentine  Tango ( Ochos, Cruzada, Paradas & Calecita )

This was the 5th milonga (June 16, 2017) I had attended but it was the first time that Ramiz Kadjar had ever asked me to dance.   I got the chance to try out the calecita (carousel) step he had just taught.


Back  Ocho  into  Paradas

It had been 4 months since I attended my first fortnightly group class and I had yet to dance with the instructor.   Argentine Tango, unlike ballroom dancing, is not a dance you can learn by practicing with other newbies.  I was thrilled though rather apprehensive when Ramiz Kadjar finally asked me to dance during the practica that followed the group lesson on June 7, 2017.

You can see that I was rather tentative in my steps.  I believe that I would improve quickly given the chance to dance with Ramiz so I am now scheduled for my first private lesson on July 5, 2017.  

Spot  Sacada

I got lucky at my 2nd pre-milonga group lesson on March 19, 2017 and had the opportunity to try out with the instructor, Ramiz Kadjar, the Spot Sacada routine he was teaching.  I can't wait to learn a couple more routines so I will hopefully get asked to dance during the milonga.

Parada & Sandwich

Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya demonstrated how to dance the parada and sandwich in the pre-milonga group lesson on February 19, 2017.  I was an Argentine Tango newbie so I didn't get a chance to dance with Ramiz.   I was however fortunate enough to practice the steps taught with a veteran dancer, Bob Petruso.

Left Turns & Ochos

I attended my 2nd group class a week later on February 8, 2017.  I sneaked into the earlier Beyond Basics segment and got lucky.  I somehow ended up with the guest instructor, Bob Petruso!  I was silently praying that I wasn't going to end up looking really foolish.    I managed somehow and later on during the practica, I even got to dance with the instructor twice!  It made my evening.

Practica at Beachside Dance Club

I went to a Argentine Tango practica last Friday on February 3, 2017.  There were several Argentine Tango dancers present including Robert Acosta whom I knew from USA Dance, Space Coast chapter.  He very kindly practiced with me the front ochos with scissor action steps that I had learned 2 days earlier at my initial group lesson.

I later met a couple, Mark and Barbara.  Mark did not realize that I was a complete novice and started to actually dance Argentine Tango.  I told him I was a brand newcomer but that I had watched several video clips earlier that day and would love to try out the steps I had seen.

Mark was very gracious and showed me how to dance the back ochos, the molinete as well as the ganchos !!!    I got a chance to practice with Mark a few times and by the end of the practica, I was able to hesitantly dance the following routine.

Neither Mark nor I can be seen as my husband, Tom focused on videoing the footwork so I can review the steps for self analysis and speed up my progress as I try to learn a new dance - Argentine Tango.

Front Ochos with Scissor Action

I attended my first Argentine Tango group lesson last Wednesday on February 1, 2017.  Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya from Orlando were the instructors.  It was the most crowded group class I have ever attended given the small dance floor.   It worked out

somehow and we had no problem learning the steps taught.


Click here for videos of Margaret practicing Argentine Tango with Bob Petruso and Sterling Stickle at the milongas at Lamplighter Village.

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