Travel Club

My husband, Tom and I used to travel but are now rather jaded about jetting around much by ourselves these days.  Company of like-minded people 

while on the road is our new focus so the vacation is more than just about sightseeing.

3 to 5 Days Driving Trips

I love traveling, more so than Tom.   Tom is the Driver but I am the Travel

Planner.   I have planned driving tours of varying duration.

I am trying to slowly over time get together a small group of people who 

are interested in short trips of 3 to 5 days duration just to break the

routine of retirement and without breaking the bank.

Guesstimate of cost to cover transport and accommodation is $100 per 

day each on twin-sharing basis.  Meals will be on own account though 

we will arrange group seating. 

Single supplement applies to those not sharing room. Drivers receive a $100 rebate and will be paid an additional $100 per passenger they drive round-trip.

Longer-Duration  Trips

Anyone who would like to venture afar but prefers the security of being

with a small exclusive group or perhaps just Tom & me is welcome to

discuss with us her or his travel plans.

We will tell you upfront if we are interested to explore possibilities or if

you should approach a regular travel agent because we have no desire

to visit whichever place you are interested in.

Trips  We  Have  Done

I had planned and Tom had driven many driving trips, both here in the

States as well as in Canada and New Zealand !!  

I have hosted a detailed travelogue of some of our trips.  Just click on whichever country interest you and take a virtual trip with us.

            *   California, Alberta & Singapore  ( 2 months )

            *   Alaska  ( 2 weeks - expensive )

            *   Coast  to  Coast  Driving  Tour   ( 6 weeks )

            *   New  Zealand  ( 3 months - incomplete posting )

Tentative  Trips

We would schedule these mini vacations around the anniversaries or birthdays of members. I am proposing the following 3 mini trips for discussion : -

      1)  4 Nights 5 Days ( end May early June, 2020 ) - Nashville

      2)  4 Nights 5 Days ( Fall, 2020 ) - Blue Mountains Ridge for Fall Colors

      3)  6 Nights 7 Days ( mid-year, 2020 ) - Niagara Falls (Canadian Side)

If  You  are  Interested 

Just email your suggestions with specifics on destination, duration and budget to with the words "Travel 

Club" in the subject line.

Alternatively just call Margaret at   (321) 328-0805  if you prefer.  

Please indicate if you will be driving or a passenger as this determines if there will be more than our car for transport.