02 - February 2019

I had looked forward eagerly to my very first hosted hour of dancing with Wade Branham on February 24, 2019 on a huge dance floor.  I had hoped to do

several smooth dances including Waltz, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Samba and Tango.   I am thrilled to be dancing with Wade as he is a dance instructor and I would finally have the opportunity to try some of the advanced steps I had learned a few years ago from Lance Sexton.  

The hour didn't turn out as expected and I experienced mixed feelings.  I felt elated at how I danced my Cha Cha and neutral about Rumba as it isn't 

one of my favorite dances.  I was dismayed at how much my skills have deteriorated since 3 years ago when I stopped taking private lessons.  I was 

also disappointed that I didn't get a chance to dance Quickstep, Samba and Tango.

Cha Cha - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

This was the 2nd dance we did and I was very pleased with how it looked.

I had danced Cha Cha with Wade before and it showed.  I enjoyed in 

particular, dancing the windmills.  Tom and I do Cha Cha every time

we go to our weekly dances.

Rumba -  Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

We started off with a Rumba to warm up.  This was the first time I had 

danced Rumba with Wade.  It is tough to look great dancing with a new

partner, even an instructor, if you are not well versed yourself.  I didn't 

look smooth at all.

Viennese Waltz - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

What makes dancing Viennese Waltz a challenge is its fast tempo.

It is difficult to maintain frame as you try to dance quickly and

smoothly across the room.  It takes practice and it shows that I

am out of form.

Waltz - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

I may pass off as an adequate social dancer but certainly didn't make the

grade with the Dance Instructor, Wade.  He insisted that I regressed back

to Bronze Waltz to focus on my technique on frame and rise & fall.

Precious Video Moments Dance & Social Club  held its  1st  shared  private  and Chip joined us for an hour of instruction from Wade Branham.

Samba - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

lesson at our home studio on February 18, 2019.  Our church friends, Mary 

Hosted below are video snippets from the evening.

This was my 1st private lesson with Wade as the previous 2 lessons (Cha Cha windmill and Lindy Swing) were for Tom.  

It had been more than 3 years since I had taken 4 Samba group lessons 

from Lance Sexton and I had danced Samba very infrequently since then.  

It felt great to finally have the opportunity to dance Samba with an 

instructor again !!

Rumba - Mary with Wade Branham

Mary learning how to dance the Rumba box and Underarm Turn from Wade Branham.  Looks like she was having fun learning !!

Rumba - Chip Phelps with Mary McGarvey

Chip and Mary dancing the Rumba box and Underarm Turn towards the end of their 30-minute private lesson.  Looking good after just one session !!

Decided that I will give myself an opportunity to quickly get up to speed, if possible, by dancing with Wade Branham.  My objective is to become a really 

good social dancer and I am interested much more in learning how to dance fancier steps in certain dances rather than focus primarily on technique as I 

am not aiming to showcase let alone compete as it is just too costly an endeavor.