Milonga  with  Craig  Wolfe

I was both delighted and apprehensive when Craig Wolfe, one of the veteran dancers asked  if I would like to dance a milonga as I had attended just one group lesson about 3 weeks earlier where we were taught the simple and traspie rhythm in milonga music. 

I had missed the lesson on the 3 variations of the basic Baldosa Box routine Ramiz Kadjar had taught the week before and I had no idea of any milonga steps at all!   The only reason I somehow managed despite the fast tempo was that Craig was a strong lead.  It also helped greatly that I dance Quickstep.

Argentine Tango with Bob Petruso

I attended my 2nd milonga at Lamplighter Village on March 19, 2017.  It was tough being a newbie dancer.  I did get asked by Robert Acosta, Bobby and Bob Petruso in the later half of the evening so it wasn't a total waste of time. 

I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get invited to the dance floor more often in the future as I learn more Argentine Tango steps.   Perhaps one day soon I will have the opportunity to practice with the instructor, Ramiz Kadjar.

Argentine Tango with Sterling Stickle

I was even fortunate enough to dance with an instructor who was there with his private student.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get the opportunity to do so again at the next milonga.

I attended my first milonga hosted by Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya at the Lamplighter Village in Melbourne on February 19, 2017 less than 3 weeks after my initial group lesson.  I was rather tentative as I was new to Argentine Tango but decided to approach it with my usual enthusiasm.

Luckily for me, a veteran dancer, Bob Petruso was there and he broke the ice for me by dancing with me which really boosted my confidence.

Argentine Tango with Bob Petruso

Group Lessons

Videos of steps taught by both Ramiz and Natalya as well as others like Bob Petruso and fellow dancers like Mark Rhoades can be found here.