West Coast Swing


July 28, 2018 was a day to remember.  125 dancers turned up for the SCDC dance following the 3 workshops conducted by John Lindo, a big name in WCS.  The workshops were both instructive as well as fun though it was too crowded for comfort on the floor.  

John taught dancers how to : -

                  Groovin  with  the  Basics

                  From  Mistakes  to  Masterpieces

                  Dynamics  of  Dance  in  a  Small  Space

Will definitely attend any future workshops given by John Lindo.


Ronald  Smith


The real highlight of the day for me however was not John's workshop, excellent though they were.  The real treat for me was that Jeff Mumford was at the post-workshop dance.  Jeff is another well known WCS champion and I was thrilled to dance not once but twice with him !!!

I was thrilled as a relative newbie to dance with Ron Smith who is a very experienced WCS dancer.  I found it challenging but exhilarating and hope that I will get to dance with Ron again as my skills are bound to improve.

Paul  Girard

I also got the chance to dance with Paul Girard, another veteran WCS dancer.  I found the members to be a friendly group and encouraging of newcomers.


I am so glad that Tom had recovered sufficiently from his hip operation to drive me to the SCDC's workshops on November 11, 2017.  Jeff was an exceptional instructor.  I have never learnt so much in so short a time as during his 3 workshops on Cool Moves, Side Passes Galore and Whip Mania!

Jeff is a WCS champion but unusually gracious and particularly encouraging to newbies!  He actually danced not once but thrice with me during the post-workshop dance that followed.  Unfortunately, Tom wasn't around to video me the first time around when I got the chance to try the double head loops!!

Jerome Subey

I am so glad that I attended the dance hosted by Space Coast Dance Club on October 14, 2017 even though Tom stayed home as he was scheduled for his hip operation very early in the morning only 2 days later.  I had also participated in the 2 pre-dance group workshops on Connection Fundamentals and Flexible Frame given by Jerome & Bonnie Subey.

Tom came to the dance around 10:00 pm to drive me home.  I walked up to Jerome and asked if I could please dance with him so I could show my husband how well I could fake dancing WCS after just 2 group lessons with a pro.  To my delight, he graciously agreed and below is a video of my very first WCS routine with a professional.  It was very exhilarating indeed as I tried my best to follow Jerome's excellent leads !!!