Ballroom Dancing - TC Dance Club

The Fall Showcase was held at Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront on Sunday, September 11, 2016 and was adjudicated by Tony Meredith, a Champion dancer and choreographer who is well known internationally.  He has been in various films, TV shows and Broadway.

Do we have a Video of Your Performance ?

Our Canon camcorder has a 53X zoom and once in a while,  I would zero in on a dancing couple.  The drawback is that while the target couple is focused on, the camcorder cuts out the other couples on the floor.

I have yet to sort through, by dance routine, all the videos that I took.   Please email me ( or phone me ( 321-328-0805 ) if you want to know if I had taken a video of your dance routines.

Video  Snippets

It is impossible to host the entire Showcase on this page.  I will however make an attempt to post video snippets ( 20 to 25 seconds ) of some of the highlights over the coming week on the TC Dance Club's Fall Showcase Facebook page.

Complete  Videos

Brian Timmons living every man's dream ... dancing with not one but two beauties ( Kelly Sandland & Jemira Tejada ) at the same time !!!

Dance  Heats

Most of the Freestyle Heats featured more than one couple.   I sometimes would zoom in on a particular couple

o   $30  for  1st  video  upload

                    o   $20  per  additional  upload

Solo  Performances

I have excellent videos of Solo  Performances as there is only one couple on the floor to focus on instead of multiple couples as during the heats.


o    $50  per  video  upload 

o    $20  per  additional  upload  of  dance  heat  routine

High  Definition  DVD's

DVDs  offer true high definition quality.   More importantly, you don't need an internet connection as you can simply pop the DVD into your DVR or laptop to view your routine.

We will be happy to offer a special volume discount to those dancing multiple heats.

o  Base Fee for Original DVD  ( 1st dance routine )   -   $30

  ( 50%  discount - $15 only if ordered with uploading service )

o  Subsequent video clips   -   $5  per  dance  routine

o  Duplicate DVDs   -   $5  per  DVD  if ordered at time of        original purchase

Dancers wishing to view their particular dance routines in its entirety should either email or contact Margaret by phone.

Bonus  Offer

We will include with your video uploading service a dozen of our above attractive  Precious Video  business cards to give to your family, friends and colleagues to help them readily access your video on our website.

Share  Your  Accomplishments

Dancers who are interested to either purchase a DVD of their dance routines or have them hosted on our  Precious-Video-Moments website  for viewing by them and their friends (private mode) or to the world at large (public mode) should either email me at or call me at (321)328-0805

Please indicate which dances ( what heat number ) you showcased to help us locate your videos.