12 - December 2019

Noel Karr, Leanne Johnson, Ilona Henessey and I together with Tom had a great evening at the Moose Lodge on December 1, 2019 dancing the night away.  The ladies had a most enjoyable time being dance hosted in turn by Wade Branham. 

Viennese Waltz - Margaret

Struggled to dance Viennese Waltz with Wade at the correct tempo and my dance form deteriorated once we were in the

3rd minute.

Salsa - Leanne

Leanne had a great time dancing Salsa with Wade.  She

obviously enjoy dancing Latin.

Hustle - Ilona

Ilona really enjoy dancing Latin dances.   I admire her positive

attitude about life and senior living.

Cha Cha - Noel

Noel dances Cha Cha really well.  She enjoys dancing both Latin

and smooth routines.