01 - January 2019

Precious Video Moments Dance & Social Club started the year off with a bang on January 24, 2019 - Jim, Gerard and Elizabeth, Tom and Margaret had a great night of learning and fun with professional Dance Instructor, Wade Branham who had relocated here middle of last year from up north.  We are indeed lucky to have him join the dance community in Melbourne.

Elizabeth and I both had a wonderful time dancing with Wade.  He was very accommodating.   The 3 half-hour lessons were for Quickstep but Wade graciously danced quite a few different dances with Elizabeth and me, correcting us whenever needed.  

My best dance of the night was Tango where Wade focused on dancing several variations of the Tango fan.  I almost felt like I was showcasing a solo routine as Wade and I were the only ones on the dance floor !!!

Viennese Waltz - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

Margaret dancing Viennese Waltz with Wade before the Tango grand 

finale for her session.

Waltz - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

Margaret dancing Waltz with Wade in the last few minutes of her Quickstep private lesson.

Quickstep - Margaret Hicks with Wade Branham

Margaret dancing the V6 and Double Reverse Spins with Wade in her 30-minute private lesson with Wade.  I had learned the Double Reverse Spin back in 2015 from well-known local professional dance instructor, Lance Sexton but had never had the chance to dance it since then.  I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to try dancing the step again.  Wade did a great job of refreshing my memories of how to dance it correctly.

Samba - Elizabeth Hill with Wade Branham

Elizabeth dancing her bonus dance with Wade at the end of the night before we called it quits.  Looks like she was really enjoying herself !!!   

Samba is a dance I really need to improve my skills on and I decided after watching Elizabeth and Wade, to do just that at my next private lesson.   I would love to learn how to dance a really neat routine.

Quickstep - Elizabeth Hill with Wade Branham

Elizabeth dancing the routine ( lock step & natural spin turn ) Wade taught Jim and Gerard during their respective half-hourly private lessons.

Quickstep - Gerard Fahey with Elizabeth Hill

Gerard dancing with his partner, Elizabeth, the routine taught by Wade during his lesson.

2019 is going to be a pivotal year for Tom and me in more ways than one.  My idea of starting a Dance & Social Club has gotten off to a great start as everyone not only enjoyed themselves but felt ready for more !!!  I finally feel the rush of anticipation that has been missing for a long time.  

I believe that there are social dancers out there like myself who are looking to squeeze more bang for their dancing dollars.  We offer half-hourly private lessons with  exclusive  use  of  dance  floor  for just you and your partner or instructor and a  FREE  video snippet posted to your Facebook timeline 

as a thank you for your  support.