03 - March 2019

My 2nd hour of hosted dancing with Wade Branham was a huge improvement over the 1st hour a month earlier.   I started off with a Rumba as a warm up but this time around, I got to do the dances I wanted - Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Samba and finishing off with Tango !!!  Featured below are video snippets of the dances.


I always enjoy dancing Tango and am hoping to sharpen my moves by dancing with a Dance Instructor like Wade as I seldom get a chance to dance it.

Viennese  Waltz

This is a dance that requires both energy and skill to appear smooth due to the fast tempo.  I struggled to keep pace with Wade ... Guess it will be a while before I get there !!!


Another difficult dance to do well but I love a challenge.  I learned to dance the Tipple Chasse and Cross Chasse and am hoping to learn a couple more new steps next month.


This is my worst dance as it is the one not often that I get the chance to try 

it as most folks do the line dance version.  I told myself not to give up and 

just keep at it.

Mary and Chip had their 2nd private lesson at my home on March 27, 2019.  They had a very productive session with Mary dancing Rumba, Swing and

Country 2-Step with Wade Branham during her half hour !!!

Rumba                                                                                                                         Swing & Country 2-Step