How to Live Longer

How long we live is predetermined to a large degree by our genes.   Our life style however greatly affects our longevity.  We have all known that whether or not we eat well, exercise or smoke and drink excessively dramatically changes our odds.  Research has now also shown that our attitude can heal or kill us.

Health  Benefits  of  a  Positive  Attitude

The mere act of looking on the bright side of life has a profoundly positive effect on your body…

How  to  Develop  A  Positive  Attitude

Having an optimistic outlook has been shown to help you live longer. A recent study from the University of Oxford found that optimism decreases your risk of dying. In fact, optimists had an 18 percent lower risk of dying from any cause over a four-year period.

How then can you teach yourself to be more optimistic?  Help change your attitude by trying the following : -

                              God  grant  me     SERENITY

               to  accept  the  things  I  cannot  change,                               


                         to  change  the  things  I  can,  and


                                    to  know  the  difference       



Into every life some storms will occur.  Sometimes it never just rains but pours.  One of the most pivotal lesson I learned early in life was when my father became very ill when I was just 15.  God was very kind and spared him but my life was forever changed.  I didn't go to high school though I qualified.  I felt it was imperative that I learn a marketable skill as quickly as possible and enrolled in secretarial school.  I was working full-time before I turned 17.

A tip I will share is to read books or listen to tapes about positive thinking.  Never waste time wallowing in self-pity.  Read about how others handled their storms and you will draw strength from sharing their experiences vicariously.

Another effective technique I use throughout my life to prevent myself from becoming pessimistic is to simply contemplate what is the worst scenario possible and then think through how to cope with the fallout.  This approach prepares you both mentally and emotionally before a traumatic event occurs.  Many widows and widowers would probably experience substantially less depression if they had adopted this approach. 

A positive attitude is like a magnet.  You will attract people into your life who will enrich both themselves and you.  Avoid those who look at life as being half full all the time.  Don't walk but run from those who blame everyone but themselves for whatever misfortunes they have.

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