Ballroom Dancing - Social Dancing

I will post below, over time, for  your viewing pleasure, videos of dancers enjoying themselves dancing various routines.

2019  Birthday  Bash

Elizabeth celebrated her birthday with Jennifer, me and other Virgo dancers at the Melbourne Ballroom on September 13, 2019.

2018  Birthday Party  

It was a night to remember ... September 14, 2018 ... 

         The evening started off with a bang ... Wade Branham taught a very neat Swing routine !

          Click video to watch Birthday Gals, Jennifer Weston, Elizabeth Hill and Margaret Hicks

          dancing the routine with him.  !!!

It was the biggest birthday bash ever hosted at Melbourne Ballroom ...

You can see how many dancers present were Virgos !!!  Look at the

huge cake with the lighted candles !!!

              I had a great time dancing the night away ... Samba, Viennese Waltz and Cha Cha with

              Tung Duong, Tango with Mike Case, Quickstep with RJ Crandall, Waltz with Jim 

              Malchisky,  and Bolero with Barry Johnson.   Tom wasn't in the video though I had

              danced several times with him because we can't possibly video ourselves dancing !!

Elizabeth Hill  dancing WCS with Gerard Fahey ...

They were the ones most involved in hosting

the wonderful birthday bash for fellow virgos !!!

Bolero  &  Tango

I was just a spectator at Dancin' Dance Spring Showcase at Hilton Rialto on May 20, 2018.  Mike was a participant but graciously asked me to dance Bolero and Tango with him during 2 of the general dancing intermissions.

Cha   Cha  -  Margaret's, Elizabeth's & Jennifer's  Birthdays

The guys dancing Cha Cha with Birthday Gals - Margaret, Elizabeth & Jennifer at the post-Irma Hurricane dance at Melbourne Ballroom on September 15, 2017.  Everyone had a great time relaxing and dancing after a horrid couple of weeks wrestling with Irma sliding first to the east coast where we were and then over to the west coast and wobbling toward central Florida after landfall !!!

Bolero  -  Grease  Night

Everyone will remember Grease Dance Party on August 25, 2017 at Melbourne Ballroom as a record was made - They hit 100 patrons !!!   Everyone had a blast.   Below are videos of me dancing Bolero with Barry Johnson and East Coast Swing with Tung Duong.

Cha  Cha  -  Mike's  Birthday  

All the ladies ( Diana, April, Joan, Harriet, Elizabeth, Margaret and many others ) dancing Cha Cha with Mike for his birthday at Melbourne Ballroom on August 4, 2017.

Cha  Cha  -  LuAnn's  Birthday

LuAnn Woodley celebrating her birthday dancing Cha Cha with among others, J R Crandall, Jeff Smith, Ford Crew, Barry Johnson, Michael and her husband, Clarence at Melbourne Ballroom on May 12, 2017 to the tune of "Happy Birthday".


Margaret dancing with Barry Johnson on a crowded floor at Melbourne Ballroom at their Friday night party on January 13, 2017.

West Coast Swing

Kristan and Barry Johnson dancing at their Melbourne Ballroom at the USA Dance Space Coast chapter's Xmas dance on December 3, 2016.

East Coast Swing

Cheryl and Thomas Isola dancing a couple of sassy moves during their ECS routine at the 2016 USA Dance Space Coast chapter's Xmas dance.

Cha Cha

Elizabeth Hill and Gerard Fahey dancing Cha Cha at the 2016 USA Dance Space Coast chapter's Xmas dance on December 3, 2016

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