09 - September 2019

Noel was back in town and she and I shared our first private lesson with Wade Branham on September 22, 2019 at the Moose Lodge just prior to the group lesson.  Noel danced Cha Cha during her lesson while I danced Quickstep and ended with Viennese Waltz for my half hour session.  Sharing private lessons is a very effective way of stretching your dancing dollars !!!

Noel was out of town and Ilona Hennessey joined us as a replacement the 2nd Sunday to be dance hosted in turn by Wade Branham at the Moose Lodge.

We all had a great time dancing and exchanging stories about Dorian which had passed Brevard offshore instead of making landfall a few days earlier as a Catagory 3 hurricane !

Viennese  Waltz  ( September 22, 2019 )

Difficulty with Viennese Waltz is the fast rhythm.  I need more practice to 

avoid collapsing my frame when the song last beyond a minute !

Cha  Cha  ( September 22, 2019 )

Noel dancing underarm turns, New York and rotating sweethearts in Cha Cha during her half hour lesson with Wade.

Quickstep  ( September 22, 2019  )

I haven't danced Quickstep in the last couple of months.  I was thrilled 

that I was able to dance the Reverse Spin even though it wasn't smooth !!!

Bolero  ( September 22, 2019 )

Leanne had a great time dancing Bolero with Wade.  Bolero happens to be 

one of her favorite dances.

Swing  ( September 22, 2019 )

Noel having a blast dancing Swing with Wade.  Loved watching her 

pretty shrimp-colored skirt flare as she danced her spins !!

WCS  ( September 22, 2019 )

Ilona having a wonderful time dancing WCS with Wade.  She loves 

sharing dance hosting with us.

Nightclub 2-Step ( September 8, 2019 )

Tom was finally able to video me dancing Nightclub 2-Step with Wade !  

I really enjoy dancing the many turns ...

Swing  ( September 8, 2019 )

It always fun to dance Swing with Wade as he will usually throw in a 

surprise step or two to jazz up the routine !

Salsa  ( September 8, 2019 )

Leanne enjoying herself dancing Salsa with Wade during the early part 

of the night ...

Cha Cha  ( September 8, 2019 )

Ilona having a good time dancing Cha Cha with Wade towards the close of the dance.