05 - May 2019

I had a fabulous time dancing with Wade Branham in May.  Wade came to our home studio on May 16 to teach Tom Tango variations.   I decided to treat myself and had Wade dance host me at the Moose Lodge on May 19 followed by a private lesson the following Sunday on May 26.


Last dance of the night at the June 9 dance was Samba and I unexpectedly had the opportunity to try dancing with Wade what I had just learned at the private lesson 2 weeks earlier.


I had fun dancing Boto Fogos and Voltas.  Wade also showed me how to dance Promenade Walks and Spot Turns during my lesson on May 19.


I was still struggling with how to dance the Reverse Spin correctly.  It was very frustrating to be stumped by a particular step !!


I danced Waltz as a warm-up for the private lesson and to my surprise enjoyed it.

Nightclub 2-Step

Tom and I had recently started dancing Nightclub 2-Step with each other.  This was the first time I was dancing it with a PRO.   I found it a trifle challenging as Wade danced several travelling turns non-stop !!!


It was great fun dancing Swing with Wade - windmills, sliding doors etc.

Cha  Cha

I was thrilled to have the chance to try out the new step (Sweetheart with Spin) that Wade had just taught Tom and me less than 2 weeks earlier.  Also loved dancing the 3 Cha Cha and windmills.

Viennese  Waltz

Thought I had danced fine till I reviewed the video - I still have a long way to go to upgrade my skills to look smooth.  Looks like May 19 is just the start of something new - I will be engaging Wade to be my dance host on an ongoing basis !!!


Tango  Fan  Variations                                                                                            

Tom's private lesson was on May 16, 2019.  Tom and I started by dancing the Tango right-side fan for Wade to critique.  

Tom next tried to learn how to dance a new fan variation - Ronde Fan.

At the end of the lesson, Wade and I danced a Swing step he had shown us earlier.

We also danced the Tango Oversway and Ronde Fan.  I was delighted to learn yet another fan variation from Wade - Cobra Fan !!!