08 - August 2019

We had a new lady, Leanne Johnson join Noel and me for shared dance hosting with Wade Branham at the Moose Lodge on August 25, 2019.   It was Loren Weller's birthday and so I invited her over to join us for a few dances as her husband, Jim was away.  Wade very graciously danced with us till almost 9:30 pm.   Hosted below are videos of Leanne's Swing & WCS,  Noel's Cha Cha and my Swing.

Noel, Elizabeth and I had a great time being dance hosted in turn by Wade Branham at the Moose Lodge on August 11, 2019.  Unfortunately, it wasn't my night as I didn't get the opportunity to dance either Quickstep or Viennese Waltz which are my favorite dances.  I did get a chance to dance Samba 

though and that was great.  I got to dance WCS about 3 times and that was a drag as it was one of my least favorite dances.  I also danced a good 

Bolero except Tom wasn't available to video it.

More importantly though was that Elizabeth and especially Noel were thrilled with their evening of being hosted by Wade.  I am similarly happy with Wade except that I wished it was my turn when they played Viennese Waltz.  I also wished that there weren't so many people doing line dancing when they played Samba making it very difficult to actually dance Samba.

Swing  ( August 25, 2019 )

Margaret really enjoying herself dancing Swing ( windmills, sliding doors ) with Wade ...

WCS  ( August 25, 2019 )

Leanne dancing one of her favorite dances, WCS, with Wade at the start of the evening with Wade ...

Cha Cha  ( August 25, 2019 )

Noel dancing a whole repertoire of Cha Cha steps with Wade and having a great time judging by her happy smile !!!

Swing  ( August 25, 2019 )

Leanne having a great time dancing Swing with Wade midway through the evening ...

Tango ( August 11, 2019 )

Margaret dancing American Tango to Argentine Tango music !  It was a 

trifle disconcerting as I had to dance the steps a lot more slowly and deliberately than normal.

Nightclub 2-Step ( August 11, 2019 )

Noel was having such a blast dancing Nightclub 2-Step with Wade judging by the expression on her face !  Both Elizabeth and Noel have signed on to

be ongoing dance hosting clients every other Sunday!!!