Margaret & Tom-Wedding

Tom's  &  Margaret's  Wedding

Tom and I were destined for each other.   We had both never been married before, met on vacation while on a Cosmos bus tour of British Columbia and Alberta ... he from Florida and I from Singapore!!!  We were the only 2 singles on board the tour so we ended

up seated next to each other ... compressed dating as Tom called it.   We had a fabulous vacation together and decided to stay in

touch via the internet and the rest is history as they say.

Church Wedding

Tom and I tied the knot almost 2 decades ago on May 30, 1998 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Florida.  I remember that I felt very hot in my heavily beaded designer wedding gown but it was worth it because I could feel the looks of approval when I walked up the church aisle.  I felt really beautiful that day - marrying Tom and knowing that I looked my best with my hair piled up and sporting a long white satin train !!!Wedding  Reception

We went from the wedding service at St Mary's to Sweetwaters Restaurant where we had our wedding reception.  The place had been beautifully decorated with baskets of hanging flowers everywhere and the large picture windows overlooked the trees and shrubs outside.  We felt like we were having our reception outdoors except that we were enjoying air-conditioning !!!   Tom and I didn't eat much as we were too excited mingling with guests.  It was UNFORGETTABLE.

Wedding  Tea  Ceremony

My parents had flown over from Singapore which is in the Far East especially for our wedding.  We had schooled Tom's parents and Uncle about the significance of the Tea Ceremony which is an integral  part of the traditional Chinese wedding.  We had the ceremony soon after we got home from the wedding reception.  We had to offer tiny cups of tea on our knees as a sign of respect first to Tom's parents and then to my parents and lastly to Tom's Uncle.  They  would drink the tea offered as a symbol of acceptance of us into the respective families and would place an angpow " red packet " gift onto the plate when they replaced the tea cups.

Margaret's  Bridal  Photos

I felt like a princess in my designer wedding gown from Meredith and couldn't help posing around the house in it.  I wanted to have photos of me in my gown in the master bedroom, dining room, guest room and even the kitchen where some of the wedding  gifts were piled.  I instinctively knew that I would never look quite as photogenic as I did then in my white bridal gown with the long satin train and I wanted to capture the moment forever !!!

Our Vacation Courtship

Church  Wedding

Wedding  Reception




Home  Sweet  Home