003 - Waltz with Gary

I met Gary Weidenmoyer briefly years ago when he taught a Bolero group class at a dance organized by the local chapter of USA Dance.   I was impressed with the steps he taught and found out later that he had danced on Broadway in his younger days.

I had finished building myself a home studio just before Covid 19 broke out.  Decided life is short and I should start to indulge myself by engaging a PRO Dance Instructor to teach me at my home.

I had mentioned to Gary at the end of our initial private lesson on June 25, 2020 that I have danced only socially and have never showcased before.  I told him however that I would now like to learn a routine or two of the different dances now that he is my Dance Instructor.

February 20, 2021

Margaret enjoying herself at the first hosted dance of the new

year at her home studio.

2nd Lesson - July 9, 2020

Waltz - GEM Routine, Same Foot Lunge, Shadow Box

Gary really challenged me right from the start by teaching me   his GEM routine which appeared very difficult initially. 

By the end of the hour however, I was able to dance it, albeit, without the smoothness and styling.

I also learned how to dance the Jump Ronde, Slip Pivot,     Turning Lock, Paddle Turn and Dip.