Argentine Tango - Margaret

I decided after attending several Argentine Tango group lessons that I was just spinning my wheels.  The nature of the dance especially when done in close embrace makes it impossible to master when learning with other newbies.  I decided to try out private lessons with Ramiz Kadjar to test out my hypothesis.  I had my first half-hour private lesson on July 5, 2017.

Giros & Sacadas

I had taken a 9-month hiatus because of Tom's hip surgery in mid October 2017 and finally had my 2nd hour of private lesson with Ramiz on April 15, 2018.  Below is video of me dancing giros and sacadas ...

De  La  Pierna

I finally had the opportunity to practice dancing the De la Pierna with Ramiz.  I also danced several sacadas along with ochos and cruzadas.

Parada, Leg Wrap & Calecita

The focus in my 2nd private session on August 2, 2017 was on how to dance the steps with the correct posture with the hip extended on all backward movements.  The most crucial requirement was to maintain frame alignment at all times!

Parada, Sandwich, Leg Wrap & Side Sacada

Below was the routine I danced with Ramiz at the end of my session.  I am looking forward to my 3rd private lesson next month.

Leg  Wraps  &  Ganchos

I had hoped but didn't quite expect to learn leg wraps and ganchos in my very first private lesson.  Ramiz however didn't disappoint and taught me how to dance the steps some 15 minutes into the session !!!

Argentine  Tango

Below was the routine I danced with Ramiz at the close of my lesson. My first private lesson ( Ochos, Cruzadas, Paradas, Sandwich, Leg Wraps, Ganchos and Calecitas ) had been an exhilarating half hour.