Ballroom Dancing - Performances

I will host below videos of dance routines performed by professionals for your viewing pleasure.

Bachata  and  Argentine  Tango  Medley

Guests at the Birthday Milonga hosted by Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya at Learn to Dance Studio in Orlando on September 8, 2018 were treated to a Las Vegas style Bachata and Argentine Tango dance medley by the Birthday duo ... ENJOY !!!

Argentine  Tango  ( Sandwich, Back Ochos & Sacadas )

Ramiz Kadjar dancing Argentine Tango with Natalya Ogirya after the pre-milonga class on May 21, 2017 and incorporating among other steps the sacada, back ocho and sandwich steps.

Tango  Waltz  ( Back Ochos  &  Sacadas )

Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya demonstrating after their class on May 17, 2017 how to dance the Back Ochos and Sacadas in Tango Waltz.  It was a treat to watch how fluid the back ochos look when correctly danced !

Tango  Waltz  ( Vals )

Ramiz Kadjar dancing Tango Waltz ( Vals ) with Natalya Ogirya on May 3, 2017 after teaching students how to dance the 6 and 8 counts basic box in Tango Waltz in both the basic and syncopated rhythm.


Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya dancing a Milonga routine incorporating some of the steps and also the traspie rhythm that they had just taught their students on April 5, 2017

Argentine  Tango

Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya dancing an Argentine Tango routine which incorporated the parada and sandwich steps that were just taught during the pre-milonga group class at Lamplighter Village on February 19, 2017

Argentine  Tango

Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya treated their students to a fabulous Argentine Tango routine on February 1, 2017 after teaching them how to dance the front ochos with scissor action.

International  Rumba

US 9-Dance Champion, Alec Lazo dancing International Rumba with one of his ace students, Anna at the 2017 Valentine Dance at Melbourne Ballroom.

Cha  Cha

Alec Lazo, dancing a Cha Cha routine with Anna at the Valentine Dance on February 10, 2017 at Melbourne Ballroom.


Barry and Kristan Johnson dancing a beautiful Bolero routine at the Xmas party at the Melbourne Ballroom on December 16, 2016.


The Russian dancing duo from Orlando, Natalya Ogirya dancing Bachata with Ramiz Kadjar on October 1, 2016.

            Natalya and Ramiz gave those who attended the USA Dance 

            Space Coast chapter a fabulous follow-up lesson from the

            September dance.


Below is a routine performed by the dancing duo, Ramiz Kadjar and Natalya Ogirya at the USA Dance Space Coast chapter on September 2, 2016.


            They were our instructors for the Bachata group lesson ...  Those of us who didn't know the dance felt very intimidated.

            Ramiz and Natalya were both excellent teachers and broke down the routine into doable subsets for us to learn.  By the end of

            the hour, we could fake much of the routine.




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