Silver  Bolero 

                                   Group  Class  in  Silver  Bolero                                     January   2012

      I was very lucky to have signed up for this group

      class .....  Primo taught the  new  Silver  routines     

      choreographed by Dance Vision.  Video clip

      shows only Step 1 & 2 of the new syllabus. 

                                                                                                                      Silver  Viennese  Waltz

                 Group  Class  in  Silver  Viennese  Waltz

                                         March   2012

           Primo taught us a new Silver routine from Dance

           Vision ..... it was difficult to dance the steps well.

I also took a  4-week group class in Silver Waltz with Primo in May 2012  -  Again, I got lucky because Bella, one of the advanced dance students, attended one of the sessions and Primo demonstrated the double pivots.   I couldn't quite get the step until I attended a private lesson later on in July.