Hustle-Shared Private Lessons

Wade Branham taught the 1st Hustle group lesson on October 7, 2018.  I already knew how to dance Hustle but my husband, Tom didn't and so we attended the class during which Hustle basics and Right & Left turns were taught.  An interesting sub-routine comprising the hammerlock and roll-in

was taught in the 2nd class. 

Tom has scheduled a private Hustle lesson with Wade for  November 7  which is about 10 days after the final group class.  Anyone, leader or follower,  attending Wade's group class who wants to consolidate what he or she has learned should contact me if they would like to share private lessons.  

The private lesson is scheduled for 7:00 pm.

It is a very effective way of really fine-tuning your skills from both a cost & time perspective as group lessons are inexpensive for good reasons.  

Vastly different levels of existing skills and different learning modalities compounded by large number of students and unequal number of  ladies 

to men further dilute what can actually be learned in a group class.

Anyone, male or female, regardless of level, can share private lessons because your half hour is  exclusively  yours  -  You can use it to learn or 

practice a step or dance a routine if you prefer if you already know the dance.

Cost is $50 per half hour and you will have exclusive one-on-one attention with Wade.   Couples benefit because they pay only $50 for the shared 

half hour. 

October 7, 2018

Margaret dancing Hustle with Wade immediately following the group 

class ...

October 14, 2018

Margaret dancing the hammerlock and roll-in routine that Wade had just

taught in the group class.

I can dance Hustle and would be on hand to help Tom and anyone else, leader or follower, as best I can, if requested while Wade is with someone


June 15, 2018

Margaret dancing Hustle with Wade at one of the Friday night dances at 

Melbourne Ballroom ...