Video Enhancement

Resurrect  Your Grainy Videos

How often has it been that we end up with unusable videos because the lighting was just too dim or the scene too fast moving.       This has happened once too often to me and I finally figured out how to enhance the videos so the videos are salvageable even           if the quality is still inferior to what it would had been if the lighting was better.

The video below was taken in dim light with a cheap travel camera and not a dedicated camcorder and was dark and jerky.  It was

not viewable until it had been video enhanced.  You can view the before and after videos below to judge for yourself what we can

do to help salvage your videos.

Before  Enhancement

             The faces of both Margaret and Angelo

             could barely be seen in the dim light.

                                                                                                                 After  Enhancement

                   The faces of both Margaret & Angelo

                   can now be seen quite clearly when

                   you play the video