Top 10 Heath Concerns

Research has shown that people who eat healthy, stay active and avoid tobacco use can significantly lower their risk of developing many of the chronic health conditions we often associate with aging.

Featured below are key pointers about the Top 10 health issues for baby boomers.

1)  Type  2  Diabetes

3)  Cancer

5)  Eye  Problems

7)  Osteoarthritis

9)  Flu/Pneumonia

2)  Heart  Disease

4)  Depression

6) Alzheimer’s

8)  Osteoporosis

10. “Sandwich Generation” Stress

No one else but  YOU  is responsible for how healthy you are.  Stop smoking and drink only in moderation.  Get off the couch.  Get moving whether it be walking, exercising or dancing.  The key is to MOVE and get your blood pumping to enhance your brain health.

Our circle of friends dwindle when we retire unless we take deliberate steps to replace the colleagues we lose.  An effective way to avoid feeling depressed is to network with others.

Learn new skills, become active on Facebook, set up a website to share your views with people, far and wide, now and forever.  Better still, immortalize yourself or your loved ones by hosting their memorable milestones online.