11 - November 2019

Noel Karr and I shared a private lesson with Wade Branham just prior to the group class.  Leanne Johnson and Ilona Henessey joined us later for shared dance hosting for the rest of the evening.

Waltz - Margaret Hicks

Waltz has not been a favorite dance of mine and it showed in the routine I

did with Wade.  This was the very first time I had tried dancing the waterfall.

Bolero - Noel Karr

Noel, in her lovely white dance dress, having a great time dancing Bolero with Wade.   

Swing - Leanne Johnson

Leanne enjoying herself, dancing one of her favorite dances, Swing, with

Wade later on in the evening.

Rumba - Ilona Henessey

Ilona dancing Rumba, the last dance of the evening, with Wade ... It was

one of her best dances for the night.