000 - 2020 Xmas Party

2020 has been a difficult year because of Covid 19.  Everyone is strongly encouraged to social distance and avoid crowds.  I wanted very much to have a Xmas Party to invite dancing friends over to see our remodeled house decorated for Christmas.  I had to invite only close friends this time around but am keeping fingers crossed that Covid will be gone by next Christmas and I can then invite more friends.

Hosted below are a dozen videos, 4 of the house and 8 of the Xmas Party at my place on December 18, 2020.  Everyone had a great time even though we missed our fellow dancers.  The ladies in particular had a wonderful time dancing with Gary Weidenmoyer, a PRO Dance Instructor.

Lawn & Front Screened Porch

Hope to improve Xmas decor for next year.  Guess Tom and I need to start earlier to put up more lights.

Foyer & Living Room

Happy with how everything looks in my entrance foyer especially the altar that Tom built me.

Tom's Media Room

Loved how the huge Xmas Tree looked from both inside and outside because of the extra wide Bay window.

Margaret's Ballroom

The "ballroom" with attached bathroom at one end and full kitchenette/viewing area at the other end is custom built for

the convenience of dancers.

Guests at Dinner

Yoko with Guillermo, Victoria with Tony, Leanne and Gary at

the long dining table and Tom with Cheryl and Tom at the

round table enjoying food, wine and conversation.

Tango - Leanne with Gary and Yoko with Guillermo

Leanne danced American Tango with Gary while Yoko danced

Argentine Tango with Guillermo.  Margaret was also on the

dance floor with Tom Isola dancing American Tango.

Hustle - Victoria Crowley with Gary Weidenmoyer

Victoria having a great time dancing Hustle with Gary

as evidenced by the smile on her face.

Salsa - Margaret Hicks with Gary Weidenmoyer

I really enjoyed dancing Salsa with Gary even though I just had

2 Salsa lessons from him.

Foxtrot - Cheryl Isola with Gary Weidenmoyer

Cheryl having a wonderful time dancing Foxtrot with Gary.

She must have enjoyed being dipped at the end of the dance.

Waltz - Leanne with Gary Weidenmoyer

Leanne dancing Waltz with Gary later on in the evening and

having the dance floor exclusively to herself.

Tango - Victoria Crowley with Gary Weidenmoyer

Victoria love dancing Tango and was thrilled to dance with


Foxtrot - Margaret Hicks with Gary Weidenmoyer

I didn't particularly enjoy dancing Foxtrot until a few months ago

when Gary became my Dance Instructor.

The ladies and I had such a good time dancing with Gary Weidenmoyer that I plan to host parties once a month or every other

month, depending on interest, exclusively for ladies wanting to be dance hosted by Gary.

Covid has reinforced the awareness that life is short and that we should endeavor to live it to the fullest, as best we can.  I intend

to do so in the New Year, starting with relaunching my Precious Video Moments Dance & Social Club which was still born as plans had to be scuttled due to need to social distance.  I will, of necessity, be focused on catering to a small exclusive group for the time

being until Covid is history.