Autobiographical  Precious  Moments

Remembering  Your  Life

It used to be only celebrities who either write autobiographies or have biographies written about them.  This need no longer be        true in today's digital age where anyone can immortalize the key milestones of his or her life and share them with family, friends or colleagues near and far at any time convenient by hosting picture and/or videos of their precious moments on the internet.

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Tom and I were married on May 30, 1998

at St Mary's Church in Rockledge by Father King.  I wore a designer bridal

gown with a stunning sequined train.  I have never looked more attractive.  We held  our reception at Sweetwaters Restaurant.

3-Month Mega Trip

Our last overseas vacation started on Oct 4 when we flew to Los Angeles  for a week before flying into Las Vegas to take in the exciting casino attractions.  We then flew    to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada just in time for Margaret to have her first encounter   with falling snow!  The final leg of our vacation required us to fly half way across the world to Singapore in the Far East

where we celebrated Xmas and welcomed  in 2012


We both enjoy globe-trotting and have

many travel memories.  There are however some memories that are just more unique and unforgettable than others.

It is hard to surpass the minute or two on December 23, 2000  when Tom and I visited Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.   We posed for a photo with a young tiger on both our laps with me feeding the cub with a milk bottle.  It was a trifle nerve-wrecking!!!

Future  Updates

We have loads of travel pictures and videos to share and will be making new uploads as and when convenient.